Company Certificate

Maatskappy Sertifikaat

  • Member certificate of China Education Equipment Industry Association in 2021
  • Member of Beijing Education Equipment Industry Association in 2021
  • Multimedia resource system
  • National High Tech certificate
  • On demand multimedia copyright registration certificate
  • Software product registration certificate of all-in-one collection, broadcasting, recording and editing machine
  • TV Association recommended product certificate
  • Zhongguancun High Tech certificate
  • Appearance patent certificate

    Voorkoms patentsertifikaat

  • Collection, broadcasting, recording and editing machine system v3 0 computer software copyright registration certificate

    Rekenaarsagteware kopiereg registrasiesertifikaat

  • Copyright of live video on demand mobile app software

    Kopiereg van regstreekse video op aanvraag mobiele toepassing sagteware

  • Full HD system

    Volledige HD-stelsel

  • Guest interview copyright registration certificate

    Gasonderhoud kopieregregistrasiesertifikaat

  • Intelligent image tracking system

    Intelligente beeldopsporingstelsel

  • Intelligent image tracking

    Intelligente beeldopsporing

  • ISO9001 certificate - Chinese

    ISO9001-sertifikaat - Chinees

  • ISO14001 Chinese

    ISO14001 Chinees

  • Kaidi non editorial system v3 0

    Kaidi nie-redaksionele stelsel v3 0

  • Live on demand platform

    Lewendige op aanvraag platform

  • Multimedia resource management system v1 0

    Multimedia hulpbronbestuurstelsel v1 0

  • Patent of all-in-one camera

    Patent van alles-in-een kamera

  • Plastic shell appearance patent

    Plastiek dop voorkoms patent

  • safe-conduct

    veilige gedrag

  • Teaching resource database


  • Trademark registration3


  • Utility model patent certificate

    Gebruiksmodel patentsertifikaat

  • Virtual appearance patent certificate

    Virtuele voorkoms patentsertifikaat